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Infographic: CEI Year One Highlights and Milestones | Center for Education Innovations

n June 2013, CEI launched as an initiative of the Results for Development Institute (R4D) with the objective of increasing access to quality, affordable, and equitable education opportunities for the world’s poor.

In the last year we have:

Identified over 470 education programs that are transforming the lives of students in the developing worldAnalyzed several of these models to discover regional and thematic trendsConnected over 200 programs to opportunities for funding and peer learning

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Technology and Graduation Rate: A Direct Correlation

There is a lot of talk out there about ways to raise the graduation rate. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan proudly wore #80 in the NBA All-Star celebrity game to tout the highest graduation rate the country has seen since 1974. Educators are c…


Why you keep meeting ‘strange’ questions in an exam | Capital Campus

There is a time in campus when everything comes to a standstill.  You can hardly find ten students in the TV room watching that favorite soap opera or program they follow keenly. The hostels are barely occupied you can think students have gone on vacation. The ever full blast stereos are reduced to some soft soothing music. This is the only time you go to the library and find it fully packed. Exams must be around the corner. The queue at the cafeteria moves quicker and the occasional chuckles and laughter are reduced to hush tones of meaningful discussion.  All these point to how seriously exams are taken and how they quickly change the general atmosphere in campus.


MPs want equal posting of 5,000 new teachers

Parliament wants 4,350 teachers shared out equally with 15 tutors for each of Kenya’s 290 constituencies to ensure balance.


Kaimenyi orders schools to release Form four certificates

The Cabinet Secretary for Education, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi has directed all Heads of Public Secondary Schools to release with immediate effect, KCSE Certificates under their custody due to non-payment of fees.


Facebook piloting free WiFi for students’ homes | Capital Campus

Facebook is testing free Wi-Fi to a small number of students in the neighborhood surrounding the Rutherford Opportunity Centre next to its data center in North Carolina. Facebook has partnered with the Rutherford County Schools and PANGAEA Internet to provide internet to an initial 800 students.


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