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Advertisements users can find the only comprehensive, continuously updated repository of information about virtually every educational opportunity in Kenya today. We have also compiled a large list of free resources for students, teachers, parents and school administrators. These resources include free online courses for all levels, scholarship opportunities, professional development tools and resources and general education information. We help parents and students get the facts they need to make the right decision when choosing an educational institution, from preschool through college. We connect students, teachers, schools and the community with resources to help students prepare for 21st century careers. We also offer important technology services to the education community, including help with website development, e-learning systems, school and classroom technology and technology training.
Here are the key highlights of the platform:
• Over 71,000 schools will be identified, described and ranked in our database.
• Both private and public institutions are profiled.
• No fee or membership is required to use our information. All – potentially millions of Kenyans – are welcome
• Unbiased, objective ranking are developed by an independent, non-compensated committee. No school can buy our recommendation.
• The listings cover every educational level, from early childhood development through college and university.
• We provide the latest updates on news, events and resources for educators, students, parents and school administrators
• Highly visible to all types of organizations, both within and outside Kenya – from non-profits to associations, corporations to higher-education institutions looking for recruitment potential.
• Kenya School Report can be accessed from either desktop PCs or mobile devices – view it anywhere, anytime.

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