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KSR School Data Entry Forms

Advertisements online website is free for all to access. We have made it simple to navigate and access data for over 71,000 schools from early childhood development (ECD) schools to college/university-level institutions in Kenya. Our website is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any smart mobile device without downloading an application. We currently do not have all schools fully profiled.
How can I have my school added to Kenya School Report?

To add your school to our database, simply fill out our survey questionnaire. This will ensure that your school gets listed on  We do not charge a fee to add you to the Kenya School Report database. However, if you want your school to have a profile and ranking on the Kenya School Report, you must enter its data via our survey questionnaire and have the data verified by us.

Online  School Data Entry Forms:

Update Your School Data:

If you need your school data updated please fill out one of the above forms and we will make the changes during the next upload.

Frequently Asked Questions


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