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School Report Card 2013 – Full Report Kenya

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This SRC project reports tremendous achievements in the work carried out within this programme since its inception in 2009.  In harmony with the projects main objective, practical parental contribution has significantly improved over the last 4 years. During this phase of project an average of 62 parents attended the initial meeting to train and select members for the SRC, in comparison to 42 parents previously, representing an increase of 20 parents in each school. This feat is also reflected by the 0.23 points improvement in SRC category 10 ‘parental responsibility’ ratings, as the schools ratings have marginally improved from the previous phase. Of significance to this finding, there is an emerging connection between the SRC project and performance in examinations. As a matter of fact, schools with parents who are actively involved in the running of schools will by-all-means catapult the overall performance of their children. 

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