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KSR Online Learn Center

 KSR Online Learn Center is owned and managed by KenyaSchoolReport.com and powered by Schoolgy.   This is an open platform for all learners of all levels to access free education resources from over 6500 digital text books, educational web links, active education discussions and much more.
Our mission is to give access to education content globally as a self service. Anyone is welcome to access.
 The resources are organized as follows:
  • Primary School Level – KCPE
  • High School Level – KCSE and GCSE
  • College and University Level – Textbooks
  • Personal Development Resources
  • Career Management Resources
  • ICT Resources
  • Communication and Presentation Resources
  • Teachers Professional Development
  • Leadership and Management Resources
  • Entrepreneurship Resources

To access KSR Online Learn Center:

  1. Go to Schoology.com and sign up for a student account
  2. Use Access Code: Z9CCN-CRZ2K
  3. Once logged on click “Groups” at the top and select “KSR Online Learn Center”.
  4. Go to “Resources” on the left sidebar and select the type of resource you want to access.
  5. Enjoy and Learn
Mobile Apps Access:
The KSR Online Learn Center is accessible through the Schoology mobile apps on:
  • iPhone + iPad
  • Android
  • Amazonkindle

For more education resources go to: Kenyaschoolreport.com/resources 

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